Nina’s Penguin Still Lost

I have taken a true interest in the fate of that sad young penguin in New Zealand- I think they call him Happy Feet after some cartoon?

Anyway, I have been keeping tabs on him ever since Nina showed me that last article. Apparently, emperor penguins get their water by eating snow and then having it melt within their bodies. So Happy Feet, being both less than a year old and unfamiliar with sand, ate a whole lot of it in hopes of quenching his thirst. It was then removed surgically from his system.

As of now, Happy Feet still lives, and is being kept in an air conditioned room full of crushed ice. There is talk of bringing him back to Antarctica later this year, while SeaWorld San Diego has offered to take him in if that is not an option.

I sure hope he ends up ok!

Interesting Article: The Lonliest Penguin in the World

As you know, Nina is a marine biologist. She just sent me this article, and I felt I had to share it.

Poor thing!

Ben and Jerry’s!

Nina and I took Ben (our grandson) over to the Ben and Jerry’s factory today. Let me tell you, the unlimited ice cream, the smells, the visual impact… I was reduced to Ben’s young age of 6 within three minutes! I must’ve tried nearly 15 flavors. The tour was actually fascinating; who knew there was so much involved in one creamy delicious dish!

My favorite was the ‘Dublin Mudslide’, Nina’s the ‘Yellow Cake Batter’ (sounds gross to me, but who knows) and Ben, and I found this more than a little disturbing, liked the ‘Coffee Heath Bar Crunch’. I’m going to have to have a little chat with his mother….

The Simple Joys of Exercise

There are few things that please me more than sculpting, ancient art and Nina. But there are certainly some that toe the line. Running and swimming are definitely in that category. Since Nina is away again, and I have a couple classes only later this evening, I spent the morning reminding my body who is boss. First I went for a run out by the lake, with Conan loping along behind me (and, yes, sometimes ahead of me). There is truly nothing more refreshing then the feeling of your heart pumping crazily in the crisp morning air. Of course, it takes time to realize that; the first ten minutes or so of my run found me gasping for air and wondering what the heck I was thinking. But still, it was worth it in the end.

After about forty-five minutes I took a break, then challenged myself to a swim. No, there’s no way I could’ve done the eight mile swim, (I don’t know how those youngsters do it) but I managed to do a mile or two, and I’m satisfied. After all, it’s not easy keeping up with your health once you hit your sixties. Maybe i should try that Pilates thing that Nina is so enamored with.