Nina’s Penguin Still Lost

I have taken a true interest in the fate of that sad young penguin in New Zealand- I think they call him Happy Feet after some cartoon? Anyway, I have been keeping tabs on him ever since Nina showed me that last article. Apparently, emperor penguins get their water by eating snow and then having […]

Ben and Jerry’s!

Nina and I took Ben (our grandson) over to the Ben and Jerry’s factory today. Let me tell you, the unlimited ice cream, the smells, the visual impact… I was reduced to Ben’s young age of 6 within three minutes! I must’ve tried nearly 15 flavors. The tour was actually fascinating; who knew there was […]

The Simple Joys of Exercise

There are few things that please me more than sculpting, ancient art and Nina. But there are certainly some that toe the line. Running and swimming are definitely in that category. Since Nina is away again, and I have a couple classes only later this evening, I spent the morning reminding my body who is […]