Summertime in the City

Summer in Vermont is just fabulous. For those who live here all-year round, there is absolutely no reason to travel for a vacation.  Instead, we suggest a staycation and herewith we give you just a few of the many reasons why. So many people forget about the Vermont resort that offers a watering hole, scenic […]

Sail the Wonderful Waters of Lake Champlain

Since 1826 the Lake Champlain Transportation Company has been a reliable, safe, and especially friendly form of transportation for travelers desiring to cross the magnificent Lake Champlain on the western border of Vermont. Travelers can choose among three different routes between Vermont and New York; Grand Island, Vermont and Plattsburgh, New York; Burlington and Port […]

History Buffs Enjoy Vermont Vacations

If American history is your thing, then Vermont should be your destination for your next vacation. Here is just one small example of what hidden gems there are to be found in one of the founding states of the Union. At the Calvin Coolidge Homestead District/President Coolidge State Historic Site you can bask in a […]

A Brief Review of Vermont History

I am always going on and on about all the great things there are to do here in Vermont, but when have I ever stopped to just tell you a little bit about this magnificent place? So pardon me while I introduce to you- Vermont! Before we delve into a bit of history, let’s get […]

Landlocked Vermont Has Plenty of Aquatics

Vermonters, as well as many other landlocked states, know that a state does not need a coastal border to enjoy fantastic water activities. If you haven’t been already, it is highly recommended that you take your family over to Lake Champlain and see what fun can be had on a gorgeous lake like this one. […]