Ancient Art Exhibit in NY

A friend just sent me this video and the works are exquisite! I definitely regret not having the time to head down to NY that week to check out the exhibit for myself… I’ve stopped at some Phoenix Ancient Art’s other displays before and was certainly impressed.
I recently read an article about the latest Brafa event, what wouldn’t I give to get an invite! I’m sure it was spectacular, and the selection there is known to be outstanding every single year. Maybe someday…


A New Job

I started a new job last week; organizing and general upkeep if the art section of our local library. I hesitated at first, because the job description implied that I wouldn’t have much work to do after a couple days, but I was wrong! It’s only a five-hour day, and I don’t sit down ONCE. The books are a mess, and I keep finding myself going over the same ones again and again.

What I do love is when the kids come by looking for material for a report or school paper. That is when I can really be of service. I’ve got a lot of background in the field, and since I work with kids at my studio I can often recognize their style right away. It’s great to help them find a direction for their work, and help them collect articles and books that are relevant. Makes my day! And in the language of the text-inclined: 🙂