Ancient Jewelry Making

I have never really studied the ancient art of jewelry making, but I recently heard about a new class down in New York and have to admit, I’m fascinated. I have a friend with some connections and am hoping to sit in on some of the new lessons. I wouldn’t participate, of course, but maybe […]

Some Inspiration for Matt

My grandson Matt  just moved to Manhattan and is struggling to get comfortable in his tiny studio apartment. Can’t say I blame him, I’d certainly have a hard time containing my whole life in one room. Plus, I need to be surrounded by nature in order to maintain my lifestyle. I’ve sent him William Shapell’s […]

Sedona and a Brilliant Sculpture

Recently, my wife and I had the privilege of vacationing in Sedona, Arizona. What a break from real life! While we were there, we took in an amazing art show called the Bell Rock Art Show held in the Village of Oak Creek outside of Sedona. The show was surrounded by the beautiful Red Rocks […]

An Ancient Egyptian Romance

While I was browsing through some articles about ancient art, I stumbled upon this romantic tale of two ancient Egyptian figurines. Depicting a husband and wife, the small statues were separated thousands of years ago- probably intentionally. The fragment of the wife shows a seated woman with her arm outstretched. Apparently, the style is traditional […]

Charcoal Drawing by Robert Longo

I recently opened a Facebook account (some of my students insisted) and I must say it is certainly entertaining. One of my boys just posted a photo and a link to a charcoal drawing by artist Robert Longo… This is the drawing; ‘The Sickness of Reason’  charcoal on mounted paper: Very impressive.

One of My All-Time Favorites

I often speak of my love for art and sculpting, and I realized I’ve never really shown you much about my personal taste. One of my favorite sculptors today is Philippe Faraut. I love his antique, classic feel and simple, clean style. His features are so accurate that they give off a certain fantasy-feel, but […]

A New Job

I started a new job last week; organizing and general upkeep if the art section of our local library. I hesitated at first, because the job description implied that I wouldn’t have much work to do after a couple days, but I was wrong! It’s only a five-hour day, and I don’t sit down ONCE. […]