Vermont’s A-Grade

Vermont has just been ranked the fifth best state, nationwide for K-12 Education.  The national data aggregator SmartAsset gave Vermont an A- for its educational achievements.  While it is true that the state does spend more money per child than any other state, this is still great news for Vermont students and as such has […]

Still No Winners for the Hardwick Gazette

Ross Connelly is looking for someone to take over the operation of the Hardwick Gazette, the 127-year-old community newspaper that he has been in charge of for over 30 years. Last June he came up with a unique method to find the perfect person to hand over the keys to: an essay contest with an […]

Falcons Call Nuclear Power Plant Home

In New Hampshire the peregrine falcon is considered state-threatened, and in Vermont there are only 40 pairs. How lucky then for employees at the Yankee Nuclear Power Station that a rare couple of falcons have chosen the smokestack of the power plant as their home. The falcons were first sited by the workers at the […]

Falling Leaves Big Industry in Vermont

It is true that I mostly love to point out to my readers some of the more charming and worthwhile activities here in my home state of Vermont. Every once in a while, however, I like to also point out that I am not the only one, along with my readers, who take an interest […]

Terra Cotta Pottery with Garry Childs

I recently read an interesting interview with artist Garry Childs who works in terra cotta. His work is beautiful and it’s always fun to get some insights from an artist about his process. Here is one interesting thing that he said, “They’ve gotten considerably more complex in terms of the carved patterns. I’ve evolved my […]

Nina’s Penguin Still Lost

I have taken a true interest in the fate of that sad young penguin in New Zealand- I think they call him Happy Feet after some cartoon? Anyway, I have been keeping tabs on him ever since Nina showed me that last article. Apparently, emperor penguins get their water by eating snow and then having […]