Museums and Ancient Art

Yesterday, I spent my entire day visiting the Fleming Museum. Of course, I have been there before, but things close to home are often forgotten, and I must confess that I have never truly paid the museum the respects it so deserves. I had completely forgotten how impressive their collection is! When one is as familiar with ancient art as I, (considering how much time and money I spend on my collection) impressing me is no easy task. Speaking of which- I recently visited two antique galleries I’d never browsed before: Phoenix Ancient Art (owned by the Aboutaam brothers, Hicham Aboutaam and Ali Aboutaam) and The Merrin Gallery.

Anyway, I was especially enthralled with the museum’s Oceanic collection. Since many antique shops, exhibits and news articles focus on art from ancient Egypt, Asia, and Europe, I was so fascinated to learn about a whole new area of antiques. The Oceanic exhibit presented art and artifacts from areas like New Guinea, The Solomon Islands, the, Aboriginal Islands and so many more. Too bad Nina was away, she would’ve talked my ear off about what an Atlantis exhibit would’ve looked like.

I also spent a lot of time admiring the Native American collection. Our country has such a rich and diverse background, and the Native American artifacts do a wonderful job of coloring in the black-and white picture drawn by history books. I think I recall hearing of a new Native American exhibit opening in the Smithsonian’s late last year; I’m inclined to go check it out.