Vermont Entertainment Made Easy

There are a lot of fun new things happening in Vermont.  In this article we touch on three of them:  Brewery App, art activities and theatrical production of a Beatles tale.

A new mobile app (that has already been brought to Massachusetts and New York successfully) has just been launched by the Vermont Brewers Association.  With this, beer lovers will have the opportunity to check out different breweries in the area, rate the beers they’ve tasted and email their results to the brewers association which will them send memorabilia type prizes to them.  As Melissa Corbin of the Vermont Brewers Association pointed out, “It’s a different community type way to enjoy the Vermont craft beer scene in a way that I haven’t seen before.”

Meanwhile, a grant was awarded to the Grass Roots Art and Community Effort (GRACE) of $2,500 by the Vermont Community Foundation’s Northeast Kingdom Fund. With this, GRACE will be able to offer more meaningful art activities to local communities since its goal is to “empower individuals through transformative art experiences, which lead to creative growth and self-discovery.” As GRACE’s executive Director, Kathryn Lovinsky said:  “We are especially grateful to this grant as it allows us the opportunity to provide scholarships and purchase materials for our classes for students that might not otherwise be able to attend.”

If you are looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day activity, for the next few days you can still see Only Yesterday at Northern Stage.  A dramatization of the lives and careers of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, this is also seen as “a valentine” to the two musicians