“Ultimate” in Vermont

The Ultimate Frisbee (aka “ultimate”) is being recognized by Vermont Principals Association as a high school varsity sport for the first time in the United States…in Vermont.  It will start in 2019 in the spring.

The game is played on a field slightly smaller than a football field by teams of seven. A disc has to be passed between players down the field until a teammate catches it in the end zone. If the disc is dropped, it is turned over to the other team.

According to the Association’s Executive Director Bob Johnson, over the last three years, Ultimate has been sanctioned as an exhibition sport.  But since then it has become increasingly popular in high schools throughout Vermont, especially with students who are not that interested in the traditional baseball, basketball and soccer options.

By being recognized now as a varsity sport, the message is that Ultimate is a real sport. And it is an excellent educational sport since unlike most team sports it does not have referees; the idea is that players work out their own differences which is truly an important life skill as well.