Environmental News

Various initiatives have popped up recently throughout Vermont with the goal of environmental enhancement, protection and maintenance.  Here we look at three of them.

First, a $132,000 federal grant has been awarded to Laurie Griggs, Earth and Environmental Science Professor of Norwich University.  This National Science Foundation grant will be used for the study of “sediment cores from the bottom of a central Vermont lake.”  Through this she will conduct research on how climate change has impacted the region’s lakes.

This research will be the starting point for a reconstruction of the way in which the aquatic ecosystems have responded to climatic changes over the last 10,000 years, ultimately providing an understanding of the impact – longer-term – climate change will have over aquatic ecosystems.

Second, there was a declaration by Governor Phil Scott of Children’s Environmental health Day for October 12th.  As President of Informed Green Solutions Carol Westinghouse explained:

“Despite the many successes and advancements in the field of children’s environmental health over the past few decades, today’s children face an epidemic of illness and chronic diseases linked to environmental exposures and our changing climate. There is an urgent need to put children and families back into the forefront of our nation’s actions regarding health and environment.”

Third, the University of Vermont (UVM) has established a Wellness Environment (WE) in one of its dorms.  As well as banning drugs and alcohol, students who choose to live there will have to first participate in the “Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies” class on external factors impacting body and brain health.  As well they are able to participate in yoga, meditation; learn about healthy foods and get a free gym membership along with consultations with nutrition and fitness coaches.  If a student is found with either drugs or alcohol they are immediately removed from the dorm.