Christmas Trees!!!

Vermont seems to be doing much better than other states in America when it comes to Christmas tree production.  This year a lot of regions throughout the nation are encountering major shortages, Vermont is not among them.

For those seeking a freshly-cut tree for 2017, Vermont seems to be the place to be.  According to Louise Roy – a tree and wreath seller in the area – there are “no shortages at all!”  So head on down to Williston Road, South Burlington to check out her kissing balls and trees as they are looking good too.

Perhaps this is because, according to USDA data, Vermont – in dissimilar style to other states – harvested over 134,500 Christmas trees in 2012. Seth Johnson, a tree hauler, has been looking in Boston, the Cape, Long Island and Providence for good trees and said that because of the “good amount of rain as well as sunshine in the growing season, the trees have come out “really nice this year.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Vermont other things are happening with Christmas trees.  A 40 foot tree was donated by the Eugair family state as a tribute to their adopted son, who passed away at the age of 16 in 1995 from cerebral palsy.  John Paul Greene-Eugair had  brought a seedling home from a fair 26 years ago and helped plant it in their Pittsford yard and today it has been cut down in Vermont which held a special tree lighting ceremony at Montpelier’s Statehouse.  His mother explained:

“It so replicates my son because he would just enter a room and he would be just glowingly beautiful, just like this tree.  I’ve never seen a Christmas tree as beautiful and as tall and stately and righteous as this tree is. And everything about it replicates my son.”

They are doing this now in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the death of their son two years ago.