Vermont is for Horse Lovers

I am always looking for new and different ways to spend time in Vermont which is unique to this wonderful state. Here is something kids of all ages can enjoy: a visit to a newborn foal and her mother. When it comes to Morgan horses, the University of Vermont’s Morgan Horse Farm is the go-to […]

Bike Vermont!

Vermont isn’t only about relaxation and maple syrup. A fantastic way to see the state in the fall is on the seat of a bicycle. Enthusiasts can choose from old logging roads, gravel paths and an huge network of hardly-used small roadways that make perfect biking roads. Take your bike to just about any type […]

Unknown Vermont

The stereotypical impression non-Vermontians have of our fair state is that it’s a place of green mountains and maple syrup. However, as I am always trying to point out in my blog posts, Vermont is so much more than pancake topping. Vermont is the birthplace of land conservation, the Morgan Horse, and as was mentioned […]

Explore the Unusual in Vermont

When we think of Vermont, most people will bring to mind green mountains and maple syrup. Here are a few stops you can make that have nothing to do with Vermont’s natural appeal, and everything to do with its social, literary and artistic heritage. • Take a 1 minute and 14 second ride up the […]

Falcons Call Nuclear Power Plant Home

In New Hampshire the peregrine falcon is considered state-threatened, and in Vermont there are only 40 pairs. How lucky then for employees at the Yankee Nuclear Power Station that a rare couple of falcons have chosen the smokestack of the power plant as their home. The falcons were first sited by the workers at the […]

Weird Wonderful Vermont

All my loyal readers know how much I love Vermont. Here are some wonderful facts that will convince anyone, even someone that thinks Vermont is in Canada, to admire this fair state. 1.    Vermont has its very own Loch Ness Monster, but in this case its in Lake Champlain. 2.    There are no billboards (legally) […]