Vermont’s New Distillery

Vermont – especially over the last decade-and-a-half – has significantly grown its amount of local licensed distilleries.  In fact, according to a recent article by Rebecca Sheir, 15 years ago there were only 3 and now there are approximately 25! So when new distilleries open up it might not be so exciting without an edge.  […]

Vermont: Town Meeting Day

Earlier this month there was a Town Meeting Day in Vermont to elect local officials and determine ballot questions.  Herewith a brief review. With Mayor Tom Lauzon stepping down, Barre chose Lucas Herring as new Mayor of the city.  Anne Watson in Montpelier ran unopposed. Bert Johnson, a Professor of Political Science at Middlebury College […]

Vermont Entertainment Made Easy

There are a lot of fun new things happening in Vermont.  In this article we touch on three of them:  Brewery App, art activities and theatrical production of a Beatles tale. A new mobile app (that has already been brought to Massachusetts and New York successfully) has just been launched by the Vermont Brewers Association.  […]

VCFA: From Art to Crime Solving

A podcast created by Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA) has just been launched.  Containing interviews with alumni, current students, faculty, and visiting artists, it will provide an avenue for the VCFA to bring artists to campus through its various programs. According to Thomas Christopher Greene, President of VCFA, the project provides a way for […]

Christmas Trees!!!

Vermont seems to be doing much better than other states in America when it comes to Christmas tree production.  This year a lot of regions throughout the nation are encountering major shortages, Vermont is not among them. For those seeking a freshly-cut tree for 2017, Vermont seems to be the place to be.  According to […]

“Ultimate” in Vermont

The Ultimate Frisbee (aka “ultimate”) is being recognized by Vermont Principals Association as a high school varsity sport for the first time in the United States…in Vermont.  It will start in 2019 in the spring. The game is played on a field slightly smaller than a football field by teams of seven. A disc has […]

Environmental News

Various initiatives have popped up recently throughout Vermont with the goal of environmental enhancement, protection and maintenance.  Here we look at three of them. First, a $132,000 federal grant has been awarded to Laurie Griggs, Earth and Environmental Science Professor of Norwich University.  This National Science Foundation grant will be used for the study of […]

Out and About in Vermont

There have been a few activities taking place in public arenas in Vermont recently.  First – together with much of America – the state celebrated Labor Day with its 42nd annual parade, which also marked the unofficial end of summer. This blowout party is extremely popular and each year has a theme.  The one for […]

Vermont Mozart Festival

For the first time this year, the annual Vermont Mozart Festival (VMF) has welcomed overseas musicians.  This year, a Cuban quartet played, led by Michael Dabroski who was impressed earlier this month when he was teaching in Cuba and came upon this unique=sounding classical music band, explaining that the “Cuban musical language is somewhat popular […]

Summertime in the City

Summer in Vermont is just fabulous. For those who live here all-year round, there is absolutely no reason to travel for a vacation.  Instead, we suggest a staycation and herewith we give you just a few of the many reasons why. So many people forget about the Vermont resort that offers a watering hole, scenic […]