Artisan Coffee Vermont Style

Lovely artisan coffe

Lovely artisan coffe

I just came across a really neat website called “Vermont Artisan Coffee and Tea Company.” Regular readers know that I love to wax poetic about all things Vermont, and now I’ve found something new. Visitors to the website are treated to an easy way to shop for globally sourced and locally roasted “fresh-to-order” coffees; and teas selected from rare, small harvests from far-away tea producers like India, Sri Lanka, China and Japan.

Artisan Coffee also sells wholesale to cafes, restaurants, and specialty food stores. The site also has a library to answer all questions concerning coffee and tea, such as:

•    Where is coffee grown?
•    How many individual components make up the flavor sources of coffee?
•    How large are most farms where coffee is grown?
•    Where did the name Cappuccino come from?

The coffee library also gives instructions for perfect coffee brewing, fair trade issues relevant to the trade of coffee and tea, and other interesting facts about coffee. I can’t wait to order some great coffee from this amazing Vermont-based store.