Beautiful Baskets at Basketville

Browse Basketville's Beautiful Baskets

Browse Basketville’s Beautiful Baskets

I simply love wandering around Vermont. The beauty is breathtaking and there are endless places to visit which are always interesting and different.

Take, for instance, Basketville. A short drive from Putney in south-central Vermont, Basketville is an outlet store whose contents of handcrafted items for the home will boggle the mind. Here is a very brief example of the kinds of specialty items you will find in the huge barn crammed with an incredibly diverse assortment of products you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else:

•    Exotic baskets from all over the world
•    All-weather wicker furniture
•    Laundry helpers
•    Country kitchen essentials
•    And much, much, more…

To top off your visit go and have a taste of some very special wine, since the Putney Mountain Winery is located within the walls of the store. Pamper your friends with some great gifts, or even you and your family!