The International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show

Nina has reminded me to post about my visit to the International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show last month.

So, I went down to New York on Saturday to check it out, and I am so happy I did. What a collection! I especially loved the sculpture of the two greyhounds from Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, but there was truly so much to see. I enjoyed the diverse collection immensely; the artifacts ranged from ancient Europe, to Asia to Africa. Some particularly fascinating pieces were the Fertility Goddess from Phoenix Ancient Art, a mosaic jewel-toned Roman table top and a Mughal dagger with a jade hilt.

Another exciting experience was meeting Steve Martin, though I had hoped to meet the King and Queen of Sweden who were rumored to be visiting the fair. Oh well. The next Anna and Brian Haughton event is the Art Antiques London- maybe I can convince Nina to come on a small vacation next June…..

Pedro Fuentes – Zaragoza School

As the days draw in and I have more time on my hands, I’ve taken up a new hobby – or rather, rediscovered an old one.

As a child I took guitar lessons from a wonderful teacher, an older man who came from Juarez, in Mexico. I haven’t played guitar in many years, but last month I treated myself to a new purchase and came home with a Spanish guitar. Gosh, I’m rusty!

As usual, I’ve been reading up about my new interest too. Before I made my purchase, I toyed with buying an antique instrument (although common sense finally won out). I was particularly attracted to an instrument made in the 1800s by Pedro Fuentes, of the Zaragoza school of guitar making. How lovely it would be to own an instrument made by the guitar maker to the Royal Chamber!