The Horse: A Study

I recently began focusing on horses in my sculpting class, as I feel they are a significant part of both human and art history. They have graceful lines and distinct features, which makes them an intriguing and satisfying study, and so far my students feel the same. I believe I’ve mentioned Phoenix Ancient Art in […]

Ancient Art Exhibit in NY

A friend just sent me this video and the works are exquisite! I definitely regret not having the time to head down to NY that week to check out the exhibit for myself… I’ve stopped at some Phoenix Ancient Art’s other displays before and was certainly impressed. I recently read an article about the latest […]

Museums and Ancient Art

Yesterday, I spent my entire day visiting the Fleming Museum. Of course, I have been there before, but things close to home are often forgotten, and I must confess that I have never truly paid the museum the respects it so deserves. I had completely forgotten how impressive their collection is! When one is as […]