A Sculpting Student and His ‘Freedom’

My sculpting classes vary in focus and length and age. I often encounter talent, and every student is unique in his or her own way… And yet, I must take note of a particular student who has remarkable potential. The kid is in his freshman year of college, which I guess means he’s around nineteen years old, and his name is Josh. (Whose name isn’t Josh, these days?)

His last piece was a portrait of a woman which he titled ‘Freedom.’ His work resembles that of some of the most classic sculptors, such as Michelangelo, but it also reveals a more modern, angular edge to it. While I tend to lean towards the more abstract, symbolic style of ancient art, there is certainly no denying this boy’s unique talent. His finished sculpture Freedom is slightly larger than life-size, in the form of a young, or possibly middle-aged woman. She seems to be gazing into the distance while her hair is swept back by an invisible wind. From behind, the hair seems to take on the shape of wings. The sculpture is very detailed, I was especially impressed with the ears, as many of my students tend to neglect those while working on portraits. I would put a photo up here if I could only figure out how… But anyways, I must find out about upcoming art shows, this boy absolutely must be found!