Falling Leaves Big Industry in Vermont

Tourists flocking to Vermont to revel in the autumn colors
Tourists flocking to Vermont to revel in the autumn colors

It is true that I mostly love to point out to my readers some of the more charming and worthwhile activities here in my home state of Vermont. Every once in a while, however, I like to also point out that I am not the only one, along with my readers, who take an interest in this most beautiful of states.

Business Insider ran a fascinating piece recently about the way New England has brought a literal interpretation to the (usually untrue) expression that “money grows on trees.” As I pointed out in my last post, the changing colors of the fall leaves is wonderful site to behold, and therefore many tourists make it point to visit Vermont and the other 5 New England states to catch more than just a glimpse of this astounding beautiful natural phenomenon. According to Business Insider visitors are leaving behind upwards of $3 billion to enjoy the site of autumn leaves bursting with color from yellow to orange to burnt sienna and everything in between.

Each of the New England states are discussed in the article, but I will just share the paragraph about Vermont here:

Vermont had 3.6 million fall tourists and $460 million in spending in 2011, the last year for which comprehensive figures were available, up from $331 million in 2009 with roughly the same number of people visiting. Visits to state parks in the Green Mountain State will surpass 950,000 this year, an increase of 8 percent and the highest visit count since 1989, tourism officials said.

Business Insider adds that the autumn tourist season is responsible for about 25 percent of the entire amount of tourist spending in a year in Vermont. And due to this year’s lingering warm weather, more people have been visiting, which, also do to the past year’s weather, has provided an exceptionally gorgeous display of leaves.
If you were planning on visiting Vermont any time soon, now would be a great time to see the sites.