Green Mountains and Museums Too?

What do I love about Vermont? The nature, naturally, but there are some indoor visits which can really help understand what Vermont is all about.

Vermont has no less than thirteen National Historic Landmarks, thirteen state-owned historic sites, many underwater archeological sites, and more than one hundred National Register historic districts.

There are also numerous museums of every shape and color. Among my favorites are

•    The Grafton History Museum
•    John Strong Mansion Museum
•    New England Maple Museum

An artwork from the Museum of the Creative Process
An artwork from the Museum of the Creative Process

But the one that stands out most for me is the Museum of the Creative Process. Housed in Manchester Village, this museum was founded and directed by Albert Levis, MD, and is a Museum which is a “haven of artists, scholars, scientists, public intellectuals, and poets.” It prides itself as a center of “creative discovery, innovative research,” and serves as an intellectual retreat. Visitors will enjoy seeing four permanent exhibits as well as numerous temporary collections.

There is so much to do in Vermont, I urge you to visit as soon as you can.