Safari Bound?

This year’s winter has been incredibly persistent, and while Nina and I would like to believe spring is really on its way, we find ourselves desperate for a sunny getaway. We have already had a few island vacations, including to Hawaii, Bonaire and the Maldives, so I’m hoping for something different this time… Like Africa. Surprisingly, we have never been on a safari.

African wildlife has always fascinated me; it seems so primal, and the huge expanse of land is probably one of the most breathtaking views on the planet. The coordinating colors and scenes are so iconic it’s hard to believe they truly exist in the wild and are not, in fact, a mere digital enhancement of something much more mundane.

Check out this photograph, for example-

Photo of the Week- Thomson Safaris

The landscape, the sky… Everything is so alien, so far from what we’ve been looking at all winter long here  in Vermont. Yes, I’ve certainly convinced myself- Nina and I are definitely going to look into safaris for our next trip!