Sports Night

I recently started watching a show called Sports Night, and am very impressed. It was cancelled after only two seasons, but the best shows usually are, just like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Sports Night was actually created by the same guy- Aaron Sorkin, and has some of the same cast members as Studio 60 as well.

What I love so much about both shows is the fast-paced humor, and how it doesn’t wait for the viewer. The characters and storyline move forward naturally, in a completely authentic way, without all the insincere drama and exaggerated reactions we often see on TV today. Dana Whitaker is brilliant in both shows, and Robert Guillaume never fails to be hilarious. Truly, this show is a great watch. Another upside is the fact that the episodes are only 20 or so minutes long! Perfect for watching between errands or during exercise.

Here’s a little clip: