Taking Treadmill to The Top

There are treadmills and then there are exercise experiences on machines.  According to Vermont Gaming Lounge co-owner Jamie Danaher, the University Mall in South Burlington has something better, providing the user with “the most immerse experience” that’s out there.  He explained that they use the Virtuix Omni – a treadmill that needs “a harness, special shoes, and Wi-Fi transmitters that detect your motion and transit that data into any game.”

This is one of only five venues throughout America that has this level of technology – something very out of the ordinary for Vermont which usually gets things like this “after they have been out for a while.”  With this however, Danaher said Vermont is “on the cutting edge.”

Initially it looks like a flat screen which moves when the user moves.  But actually it’s all around and when the user turns their head they are still in the game.  In other words it is all-encompassing.  Video game enthusiasts are incredibly excited about this technology. The user doesn’t realize they are surrounded by people as they are in their own swing and their own game.

Vermont is most fortunate to have such a truly out of this world experience!