Birthday Dinner, Thanksgiving Style

Today I write in tribute to Nina’s cooking. While I am relatively new to the blogging world, I’ve found that many people dedicate full posts to what they ate that day. Surely this seems a bit ridiculous, but since I’m lacking creative ideas today, I figure I might as well give it a shot. My […]

A Bit About Conan

Nina insists I write an entry introducing you to Conan. Well, let’s see…. We found him nearly a year ago now, during one of our hikes at the Ethan Allen Homestead trail in the spring. We’d stopped to admire the view, and I sketched the wild flowers while Nina chatted at me. She was sitting […]

Nina’s Home

So, Nina got back from her week-long research cruise last night, and she organized a picnic for today. We set sail at around 9:30 am, and once we reached deeper waters we stopped for some homemade muffins and coffee. It was already warm out, and Conan threw himself into the water almost immediately, probably paddling […]

A Sculpting Student and His ‘Freedom’

My sculpting classes vary in focus and length and age. I often encounter talent, and every student is unique in his or her own way… And yet, I must take note of a particular student who has remarkable potential. The kid is in his freshman year of college, which I guess means he’s around nineteen […]

Snow Blues

In my last post I said these winter days are beautiful, but today I woke up with very little patience for the snow. Looking out the window I could barely make out the car parked outside for all the snow piled everywhere, and the chill seeping through the glass reminded me how cold the floor […]

Winter, Skis and Cookies

Is there anything more beautiful than winter in Vermont? I think not. The crisp, clear air, the snow… It’s refreshing. Today, I went skiing with a bunch of the guys. We left our wives at my place; Nina is very fond of playing hostess. She spent all morning baking gingerbread men, all with intricate patterns […]