Winter, Skis and Cookies

Is there anything more beautiful than winter in Vermont? I think not. The crisp, clear air, the snow… It’s refreshing. Today, I went skiing with a bunch of the guys. We left our wives at my place; Nina is very fond of playing hostess. She spent all morning baking gingerbread men, all with intricate patterns made from glaze. She seemed to truly enjoy the work, but I’ll never understand women. Why not just buy the cookies, and sleep late instead?

We drove over to Mad River Glen, it being only an hour or so away. We chose the Paradise Trail, as it is one of the more difficult, and it comes without the critical audiences that many of the advanced trails tend to have. Dell actually likes the attention, but he’s the only one. The day was relatively eventless, though Bob had a nasty-looking spill at sharp turn. I got home feeling invigorated, and with a face so sunburnt it would’ve put tomatoes to shame. The gingerbread cookies were delicious.